Parade Information

The 2016 Downingtown Christmas Parade will be held on Saturday, December 10 starting promptly at 3:00 pm. 

PARTICIPANTS – Any group or individual is invited to participate in the parade and can either walk, ride in a vehicle or put together a float.  (CLICK HERE TO VIEW FLOAT COMPETITION INFO - Please read it!!)  You must be at the staging area by 2:00 pm with the exception of floats.  Floats should arrive by 1:30 pm – judging is promptly at 2:00 pm. 

Traffic is very congested in the area, so leave yourself plenty of time to arrive! 

Remember, this is a Christmas Parade.  Individuals and groups need to dress in holiday/seasonal costumes.  Vehicles must also be decorated and this means more than just a wreath hanging on the front.  The only exception will be Antique Cars, Police Cars and Fire Trucks.   


 The only Santa and Mrs. Claus will be the ones the committee puts

on the float at the end of the parade.

Any Santa or Mrs. Claus on a float, in a car or wherever, will be pulled from the parade. 

PARADE ROUTE – The parade route is 1.7 miles long.  It is fairly flat but it is a long walk for little ones.  As a participant, you need to be able to walk at a steady pace without causing gaps in the parade. 

The parade will start/stage in the area of Beaver Creek Elementary School, 601 W. Pennsylvania Avenue, travel south on Gable Avenue to Business Rt. 30.  The parade will turn left and head east on Rt. 30 continuing to Whiteland Avenue/Rt. 113. (East Ward Elementary School)  The parade will turn right onto Whiteland Avenue with the exception of those motorized vehicles that may want to continue down Rt.30 to head home.  All other units must continue down Whiteland Avenue. You will be directed as to where to go.  DO NOT STOP ON THE FIRST BLOCK OF WHITELAND AVENUE AND DISBAND! – THIS ONLY HOLDS UP THE REST OF THE PARADE!!  Continue down Whiteland Avenue turning left onto Washington Avenue or continuing further down the block and turn right onto Jefferson Avenue.  Please listen to the Parade Personnel and the Police Officers in the area!! 

STAGING AREA – The staging area will include the parking lot on the west side of Beaver Creek School, all of Gable Avenue, Pennsylvania Avenue between Aston and Lloyd Avenues, Forrest Avenue and West Highland Avenue. DO NOT ENTER THE STAGING AREA UNTIL OUR PARADE PERSONEL ARE ON LOCATION AS CHANCES ARE YOU WILL BE IN THE WRONG SPOT AND WILL BE ASKED TO MOVE!! 

PARKING – Parking is very limited – mostly to the side streets around the staging area.  We use most of the parking lots at the school and at Grace Church for staging the parade. 

DROP OFF – The drop off location will be at Grace Church (Pennsylvania & Lloyd Avenues). Enter the church parking lot by way of Lloyd Avenue.  Parents with small children may park in the church lot and walk their child over to where their group is meeting, but you must then remove your car.   

RESTROOM FACILITIES – Beaver Creek School will be open from 1:00 – 4:00 pm for the use of their restrooms. Use the doors on the west side of the school toward the back of the parking lot.   

REGISTRATION – There is NO entry fee for the parade, however, all entries must register.

***** CLICK HERE to download a Registration Form & Instructions and Rules page. ****** 

Again, please read them!!  Most answers to the questions that are emailed to the committee can be found on the Website.  All registration forms must be received no later than November 26, 2016.  No exceptions!! The committee has the right to refuse any entry into the parade.   If we find the entry inappropriate, you will be notified within the week of us receiving the registration form.  

NO RAINDATE – Hope for good weather because there is NO rain date. In the event of cancellation, you will receive an email or phone call.  Please be sure to put down contact information of someone that can be reached on the morning of the parade on the registration form. 


You may walk beside the vehicle or float and hand it out to the crowds.

This is for safety reasons.  Children run out into the street to retrieve the candy

and have nearly been hit by the vehicles.